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Challenges with maintaining a healthy weight

Challenges with depression, anxiety and stress

Challenges in relationships, whether it be with partners, children/teenagers, bosses, work colleagues or employees.

Challenges with Self-esteem.

Challenges with addiction in all its guises.

Challenges with grief.

Challenges with change.

Challenges with unhappiness and general malaise, the feeling that something is missing in life.


Feelings of stress, tension, anxiety, dissatisfaction and insecurity are considered as acceptable and just part of everyday life.

People are either resigned to ‘this is just how life is’ or they spend enormous amounts of time, energy and mental bandwidth trying to control and create a life that conforms to their idea of what makes them happy.

Various techniques have been devised to deal with each challenge; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Meditation to name a few. For some they seem to work for a while, for others they either don’t work or the effects do not last. Why is that?

I had spent many years using what I sincerely believed were the most cutting-edge technologies for change, well-being and performance. I trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Acupressure Facelift Massage and was certified by the International Trainers Academy (ITA) of NLP as a Master Practitioner and coach. For the past 15 years or so I have helped individuals, groups and organisations (such as the London Fire Brigade) cope with these challenges. What I did helped people but it still seemed something was missing.

Then, a couple of years back I came across a field of Psychology which was to change, not only my methods, but has also had a lasting and transformational effect on my own life. It turns out that instead of there being a host of antidotes to the various challenges we face in life, underlying ALL these challenges was one simple problem and consequently ONE SOLUTION.

The field of Psychology I came across was known as Innate Health, Psychology of Mind or more simply The Three Principles. The ‘Principles’ are facts that we can rely upon to be true 100% of the time, something that has never happened before in the field of psychology. They explain why up to now, with the mainstream understanding, the mental health of our nation seems to be getting worse with new labels for people’s difficulties popping up seemingly on a daily basis. The reason? We have been looking in the wrong direction for the answers to our problems.


200 years ago the physical health of our nation was not good. People tended to die at a very young age. The reason? We knew nothing about where infections came from. And so we used leeches for bloodletting, drilled holes in people’s heads and gave them electric shock therapy. We were looking in the wrong direction and consequently the treatments were unsuccessful.

This is what is happening with mental health today. An innocent misunderstanding of where the human experience comes from is generally all that is behind the human condition when disturbed. The Principles explain this and learning about the principles can impact people, sometimes almost miraculously. This is true because real change can only happen when we gain an understanding, from the ‘inside-out’.


Just as the understanding of the Principle of gravity stops us from walking off a balcony or a cliff edge, understanding where our experience really comes from enables us to deal more and more effortlessly with seemingly impossible challenges and can even open us up to infinite possibilities which once seemed unimaginable. No techniques. No dependence on will power. No affirmations or setting aside time in your day for visualisation. Just a deep understanding of what is really happening does all the work for you.

If you are struggling with a challenge in your life at the moment you don’t necessarily need traditional therapy, dragging up uncomfortable and unwanted feelings from the past. Like a stick caught in the reeds of a river, I have found that just a little nudge may be all you need to get you back in the flow.

This field of Psychology is in its infancy. Discovered in the 1970s by Sydney Banks more and more Psychiatrists, Psychologists, therapists and coaches are changing their practices with remarkable results. To find out more you can go to