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Elderly Rehabilitation

As we age the systems of our bodies change and affect our ability to carry out daily activities.

For example our muscles can become weaker which affects our ability to stand and walk and in addition may cause balance problems which increases the risk of falling. If this is not addressed and our strength and fitness deteriorates then we become less mobile and more dependent on others for every day tasks such as getting washed and dressed, shopping, cooking, cleaning and getting out and about.

Rehabilitation for the older person therefore needs to start with a thorough assessment of your physical abilities and the impact of any problems on daily activities. A treatment plan and individual goals can then be developed to maximise independence.

At ICU Physiotherapy, we take special care of our elderly patients who need assessment and treatment for multiple, complex conditions. These may include post-surgical rehabilitation, walking re-education and osteoarthritis to name but a few.

Our therapists tailor physiotherapy treatment specifically to each individual to help improve their independence and quality of life. We work and involve other family members and carers to enable you to reach your maximum potential for independent living. For example, with age, our muscles in the body become weak.

This in turn affects our ability to complete our daily chores independently. When people become less mobile and more dependent on other, our services will be helpful to keep you independent. For needy clients, we offer Home Visits. We can come to your home settings to complete exercises with you and advise you on your daily activities and goals. At your home settings, we can offer you wide range of treatment approaches like TENS, Acupuncture, Taping, Massage, Cupping, Exercise therapy, advice on daily activities, etc.

Our therapists will help you to improve your physical and mental well-being. They will improve your muscle strength and help you to gain your lost self-confidence. We will set goals that are realistic, achievable and suited to you.