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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is used in the treatment of tendon pain (tendinopathy) and it promotes healing process in most therapy resistant tendinopathies, with good effect. It is an effective and latest treatment option for various Physiotherapy problems like It is a modern and effective treatment option for different orthopaedic issues including shoulder impingement, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, trochanteric bursitis, runner’s knee, achillies tendinopathy, etc.

This is a non-invasive, non surgical form of treatment with strong support for its effectiveness from a large body of research and clinical trials.


A heavy, electromagnetically accelerated, ballistic projectile transfers its kinetic energy to a transmitter head in the handpiece. The kinetic energy is transformed into impact energy in the applicator head. Shockwaves result and spread out radially from the contact area into the desired treatment region of the body. Through the force of the accelerator and the mass of the projectile, the pulses carry the same amount of mechanical energy, but are more comfortable for the patient than comparative shockwave systems.

Your physiotherapist will apply a small amount of gel to the site of injury, which will aid in penetrating the area, and then the shock wave is applied by slightly pushing a small, hand-held device onto the skin. Many report the treatment as painless, however some people may find the treatment mildly uncomfortable. Your therapist will discuss with you the proposed plan to achieve best possible outcomes however, can tailor the settings as required throughout treatment to keep it as comfortable as possible.

Your Physiotherapist will first carry out a full assessment and prescribe shockwave therapy alongside rehab exercises and other treatment modalities to ensure the best possible outcome for your injury. Most injuries or painful conditions take around 3 shockwave treatments.

We also offer Shockwave Therapy treatment in the comfort of your home. Please contact us.